An interest rate is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to auto financing. There are many factors that go into an economical auto loan. So if you are only looking at the rates other financial institutions are advertising, here are some revealing things you need to know:

Rates are typically based on the individual's credit score. So when other institutions advertise 1.99% or lower, it is a rate that very few people can actually receive. SRCFCU bases its rate structure on what is attainable for more people. We are more forgiving with our credit rating tiers than many of these other institutions.

Obviously, a financier doesn't want a 0% loan on the books for very long. Therefore, these loans usually carry a much shorter term. That creates a higher monthly payment for you. Instead, SRCFCU wants you to be able to afford more car for less monthly payment by giving you longer to pay off your loan.

3. SRCFCU FINANCING MAY QUALIFY YOU FOR DEALER REBATES - Don't be fooled: just because they say you are not paying "interest" on the loan, they are still making up more than that difference in other ways. See, with a typical 0% promotion; the price of the vehicle is marked up (sometimes up to $2000). If you finance with SRCFCU, you may be eligible for a dealer rebate for the amount of the mark up.

4. SRCFCU KEEPS YOUR MONEY IN OUR COMMUNITY - Your Credit Union has been here since 1957. We are a local institution that serves people who live, work, learn and worship in Santa Rosa County. We have given jobs to over 50 local people over the years. Plus, since we are Not-for-profit, you can be sure any interest you pay is recycled into SRCFCU in the form of better loans and services.

5. SRCFCU GIVES YOU CREDIT UNION MEMBERSHIP - Do you realize what that means? Below are the differences between Credit Unions and banks:
> NCUA INSURED: Your funds are insured for up to $250,000.
> Not-for-Profit: Funds are recycled back into the running of the Credit Union.
> Member-Owned: All members are equal share holders and get equal returns
> Volunteer Board of Directors: These individuals volunteer their time to oversee the CU operations
> Elected Officials: Each member gets to vote on who these officials will be.

Through the past 54 years, we have seen institution after institution fold. If you stick with us, you know you will have a long-term financial relationship with an institution that cares about your financial well-being. And, you can always be sure that if we offer a loan or is going to be the best honest deal in town.




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